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We realize productions comprehensively: from script to screen. We create content in many genres, both original and adaptations of internationally recognized formats.

Thanks to our knowledge of the market, we can quickly complete any production team: from a small one up to a crew serving a large set.

We act quickly if needed. In March 2020, in just three weeks, we created a comedy TV series, shot entirely online, telling the story of a family coping during an uneasy time. At the same time, in less than two weeks, we launched a special news programme devoted to health issues.

Each year we cast nearly 1,000 people. Among them, there are both ordinary and extraordinary people, amateurs and professional actors.

We shoot in a variety of locations: from a 19th-century palace to a special forces training base.

We organize filming in big cities as well as the countryside.

And when the need arises, we can make a live broadcast thanks to our own OB VAN